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U. S. Glass / Tiffin

Tiffin / The United States Glass Company


     The United States Glass Company was formed when 18 or more glass companies joined together in 1891, to try to survive the trying times as a combined unit. While the idea behind the formation of this company was a sound one, the area that needed to be supervised and coordinated (during that time period), which involved Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania was too vast to manage well, and as a result chaos often prevailed.

     After the companies combined, two new plants were built. An automatic facility was established at Gas City, Indiana, and a hand operation was created at Tiffin, Ohio. These two companies along with the Glassport, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh plants became the most important U.S. Glass plants. The Tiffin plant produced quality glassware with delicate etchings. This division was known for the use of color. The Gas City branch produced machine made kitchenware, and dinnerware in colored glass through the 1930s. The factories in Pittsburgh were known for decorating. They decorated lamps, tableware and large lines of crystal and colored glassware.

     In 1938, the U.S. Glass main offices were relocated to Tiffin, Ohio. By 1951, Tiffin was the only plant still in operation.



"Shaggy Daisy" Large Pressed Cut Floral Bowl (1917) (crystal, pink, emerald green)

United States Patent For Shaggy Daisy Bowl

Tiffin Shaggy Daisy Pressed Cut Console Bowl Top View

Tiffin Shaggy Daisy Pressed Cut Console Bowl








     Hazel Marie Weatherman named this pattern "Shaggy Daisy."  This stunning console bowl was press cut. It was thick  and heavy, weighing approximately 9 pounds.  The bowl  may also be found in other colors.  The ones colors listed are the only ones that we are sure exist.  The patent information credits Ruben Haley with the design of this stunning piece.











Vanity Items


     When it comes to vanity items made during the Depression Era, Tiffin / U S Glass made some of the finest pieces. They designed and made quite a few interesting perfume bottles and vanity sets. Please click the link provided to see many of the vanity items that were produced by the United States Glass companies. See More:  Tiffin Vanity Items

Tiffin Dancing Girl Vanity Set Tray

Tiffin #15531 Milady / Spiral Optic Vanity Set