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The East Liverpool Potteries Company

The East Liverpool Potteries Company

In 1901, six independent East Liverpool area potteries formed an alliance called The East Liverpool Potteries Company. Member companies hoped to be better able to compete with the dominant potteries of the era such as Homer Laughlin and Harker. These smaller companies included The Globe Pottery Company, The East Liverpool Pottery Company, Wallace and Chetwynd, The East End Pottery Company and the George C. Murphy Pottery Company of East Liverpool. These five companies were joined by the United States Pottery Company of Wellsville, Ohio. The unification was not very success- ful and the organization began to disperse in 1903. All of the companies except the United States Pottery Company and the Globe Pottery Company left the merger. At this time, Robert Hall, a member of the board of directors of the East Liverpool Potteries Company, reorganized one of these companies—The East Liverpool Pottery Company—to form The Hall China Company. The two remaining companies continued to operate in combination until the merger was completely dissolved in 1907. After this, the United Stated Pottery Company continued production in Wellsville operating as The East Liverpool Potteries Company. Ads in the Crockery and Glass Journal indicate that many of the items produced during the combination years continued to be made. Some Hall China collectors like to include examples of these items in their collections as they are similar and are representative of the early history before the formation of the Hall China Company. However, it is hard to accurately date these items and to determine whether they were made during the initial combination years or at a later date. Ads in china and pottery publications confirm The East Liverpool Potteries Company continued to operate until 1936, At this time the company was reorganized and continued as the Purinton Pottery Company. The backstamps shown in the photo above were used by the East Liverpool Potteries Company. The marks shown on the top row were used between 1901 and 1907. After the complete dissolution of the merger, the mark on the bottom was used.