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Abingdon Pottery Company

The Abingdon Pottery Company

The Abingdon Pottery company was located in Abingdon, Ill. in 1934. They began with the production of sanitary ware items. In the late 1930s they began producing art ware with a vitrified white body which consisted of vases, flower pots, lamps , figurines and other novelties with patterns and decorations. Abingdon is best know for their production of find quality decorated cookie jars. The company produced their Art Ware until 1950 when they returned to the production of sanitary ware items. Below you will find some examples of the beautiful cookie jars that this company produced. Please be aware that most cookie jars will have the ABINGDON U.S.A.backstamp. All cookie jars should have an embossed serial number.

Cookie Jars

Clown Jack in the Box Cookie Jar" - (1947)

    This beautiful 1940s /50s cookie jar is a perfect example of the quality and standards set forth by Abingdon. The Jack in the Box is usually found with the Abingdon's Ink Stamp, "Abingdon U.S.A.", and with the impressed serial number 611. The bright colors and fanciful design are sure to please cookie jar enthusiasts, as well as someone just wanting to add a splash of color to their kitchen.














Little Bo Peep Cookie Jar -(1940s /50s)
     This adorable jar is pictured in an original Abingdon Art Pottery advertisement from the 1950s. She has a teal or deep turquoise trimmed dress. She is accented in yellow and of course she has her little lamb at her side. She is impressed with the numbers 694.













Hobby Horse Cookie Jar --(1947)
     This striking jar has a creamy white body with brown pink and yellow trim. Like many of the jars that were made by Abingdon during this time period, this cookie jar was designed with children in mind. The Hobby Horse is impressed with the number 602 on the base.










Choo Choo Cookie Jar - (1949)
     One of Abingdon's most popular cookie jars was their "Choo Choo" train cookie. This jar can be found in several different color combinations. The more commonly found jar is creamy white with turquoise, pink and black trim. This jar shape is impressed with the numbers 651 on the base.



Pumpkin Cookie Jar - (1949)
     This adorable Abingdon Pumpkin cookie jar is impressed with the serial number 674. It is favorite among cookie jar collectors. The colors and quality of this jar are outstanding.










Abingdon Cookie Jar Backstamps -(1940s/1950s Ink Backstamp in Blueish Black)
     Abingdon made dozens of cookie jars not shown here. Some of the missing ones include a Pineapple, Mother Goose, a hippo, The Three Little Bears, a Wigwam, Witch, Baby, Clock, Money Bag, Little Old Lady, and A Fat Boy. Some of the jars are found with different color decorations. If you are in doubt about a cookie jar remember that Abingdon almost always used an ink stamp on their cookie jars. There were very few exceptions. An example of this stamp is shown here. All of Abingdon's cookie jars had serial numbers impressed on their bases. Each jar shape was assigned its own serial number. If you find a jar without this serial number present, it is a copy, or one made by another company.