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The Jeannette Glass Company History and Patterns

The Jeannette Glass Company History (1887-1983) 

The Jeannette Bottle Works Company was established in 1887, in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. In 1898 the Jeannette Bottle Works company was succeeded by the Jeannette Glass Company and got its start producing hand made bottles. With the advent of the O’Neill semi-automatic bottle blowing machine in 1899, Jeannette soon found itself producing wide mouth jars, relishes and other useful pressed glass items like automobile headlamp lenses. By 1904 the company was involved in producing items for medical and home use. Jeannette continued to grow and expand, and by 1924 they began producing lovely table and kitchenware. This innovative company was one of the forerunners in producing the machine made, colored pressed glassware, we collect today. Many of the Depression Glass patterns that we know and love were produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Some of the more popular patterns produced were Adam, Anniversary, Cherry Blossom, Doric, Doric and Pansy, Floral Poinsettia, Floragold, and Iris.  Jeannette established its hold on the kitchen item market early in the Depression Era, designing and producing many kitchen items in pink, green, crystal, delphite, jadite and ultramarine. They were one of the major producers of Jadite and Delphite Glassware. Many of the most desirable Depression Glass kitchen items were made by The Jeannette Glass Company. In 1961 Jeannette bought the old McKee plant which was located in Jeannette and continued to produce glassware for both wholesale and retail businesses, until 1983 when they closed their doors.

Jeannette Patterns From the Depression Era Through the 1950s

Jeannette Adam Pink Adam Vase

Adam - (1932-1934) (Crystal, Delphite Green, Pink, Yellow) - Adam was a best selling pink and green Depression Glass pattern produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Adam is a pretty stylized floral pattern. This pattern was made primarily in pink and green. A few pieces of Delphite and opaque yellow have been found. These pieces were experimental and make a nice addition to a collection, but there is not enough of either color to make a set. We have seen quite a few pieces of crystal over the last 40 years. You might be able to put together a small set of crystal, but it would be impossible to put much of it together. The Adam butter has been reproduced. The quality and color of the new butter dish cannot compare to the older Depression Glass butter dish. For more information click on the link to the right.Jeannette Adam


Jeannette Anniversary Butter Dish

Anniversary - (1947 - 1949)  (Crystal, Iridescent 1970's and later)( Shell Pink 1958-1959) - Anniversary is an interesting pattern produced by the Jeannette Glass Company in various colors from 1947 until 1975. Although Anniversary was introduced in the  1940's, many people lump Anniversary in with Depression Glass because it was listed that way in the first Depression Glass books, and because the pink color is the same hue that was used in Jeannette's earlier Depression Glass patterns. Since this pattern was produced for so many years, it has found it's way into many homes and is very popular today.  Recently, this pattern crystal vase with a frosted foot has bee seen in retail outlets with a "Made in India" label.  

Jeannette Camellia Catalog AD

Camellia - (Late 1930s - 1951)  (Crystal, Iridescent, Gold Trimmed Crystal) - Camellia is a striking luncheon set that was introduced in the late 1930s and continued to be produced until the early 1950s  There is an embossed "Camellia" flower in the center area of each piece. This pattern was sold as a luncheon set, however the large 9" plate could easily be used as a dinner plate. Numerous bowls, plates, and trays can be found in this pattern, a snack plate with a matching cup, trays, tidbits, candlesticks, and a sugar and creamer were made.  Tom and Jerry sets in both crystal and iridescent may be found.  The Tom and Jerry set was made without the lettering and was sold with a 50s Deco metal stand to create a punch set.



Jeannette Pink Cherry Blossom Pitcher

Cherry Blossom - (1930-39) (Crystal, Delphite, Jadite, Green, Pink, Some Experimental Colors) - Cherry Blossom was produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Cherry Blossom may be Jeannette's most collected Depression Glass pattern.  This pattern was made primarily in Pink, and Green and Delphite, although quite a few crystal pieces can also be found. Cherry Blossom is one the largest Depression Glass sets that was made in Delphite. Cherry Blossom is one of the few patterns that has a child's set. The child's set was made in the pink and delphite colors. Unfortunately, a poor quality reproduction of this entire miniature set in both colors has been on the secondary market for many years. Collectors should also be aware that reproductions of  other pieces in this pattern are prolific and many have been on the market since the late 1970's. Reproduced pieces include footed salt and pepper shakers, the covered butter dish, the footed water tumbler, cup and saucer, two handled tray, cake plate, dinner plate, cereal bowl, large round berry bowl and the divided oval tray. Since this is a fairly extensive list, collectors need to familiarize themselves with the differences between the old and new pieces. Jeannette Cherry Blossom Catalog Reprints and Lists

Cherry Blossom Catalog Pages PDF


Jeannette Green Cubist Puff Box

Cubist - (1929-1933) (Amber, Blue, Crystal, Green, Marigold Iridescent, Pink, White Milk Glass, Ultramarine, Yellow, Experimental Orange Slag)The Jeannette Glass Company produced Cubist. Cubist is found mainly in crystal, pink, and green, although you do find an occasional piece in the other colors listed above. Pitchers and tumblers are elusive and command a high price. Cubist is often confused with Fostoria's American pattern. Cubist items were mass produced, machine made Depression Glass while Fostoria's American pattern was hand made. Fostoria's pieces were refired and have a sheen, or shiny luster to them.


Jeannette Dewdrop Lazy Susan

Dewdrop - (1953- 1955) (Crystal) - This crystal Jeannette Pattern, from the mid 1950's was a very popular  luncheon set. The stylish 8" "Maple Leaf"  luncheon plate, and the combination snack trays, with an indent for holding a mug impressed friends and family.  The fact that this pattern had several unique and useful serving pieces is why many homemakers loved buyng and using Dewdrop. Very few luncheon sets from this time period had a revolving lazy susan, or a large punch bowl. Unique pieces like this helped to make this pattern a success.   





Jeannette Doric Candy

Doric - (1930-39) (Crystal, Delphite, Green, Pink, Ultramarine, Yellow) - Doric was a very popular Depression Glass pattern in both green and pink.  It was produced by the Jeannette Glass Company during the 1930s.  This striking pattern is hard to find in good shape.  Sharp mold lines around the pattern edges were often damaged--even during production.  Pink and Green are the only colors in which one can complete a full set.  Delphite colored items were limited to serving pieces.  Hard to find pieces in pink and green include cereal bowls, cream soups (green only), and tumblers. Doric and Pansy (shown below), is a similar pattern.  It can be found in pink and collectors often use pink Doric and Pansy pieces with their pink Doric collections.  



Jeannette Doric and Pansy Shakers

Doric and Pansy - (1937 - 1938) (Ultramarine, Pink, Crystal) - Ultramarine Doric and Pansy is very much like the Doric pattern shown above. In addition to the border of embossed squares in the Doric pattern, Doric and Pansy has an embossed pansy in every other square.  The vertical boxes above, or below the border, also have pansies embossed in them.  A complete setting of this pattern can found only in the Ultramarine color. Only a few pieces were made in Crystal and Pink. Jeannette marketed Doric and Pansy in both England and Canada.  It was extremely popular in these areas and more of it can be found overseas and in Canada. With the advent of internet selling more pieces of this lovely pattern began showing up on venues such as Etsy and Ebay.  It seemed for a time that there were plenty of the harder to find items to go around.  These pieces have since disappeared from the market place and the hard to find pieces are again something you will have to search to find. 


Jeannette Iridescent Floragold Dinner Plate

Floragold - (1950s)(Crystal and Iridescent, Some Some Shell Pink Milk glass) - Floragold is one of the Jeannette Glass Company's most popular 1950s patterns. This lovely pattern was a full service dinnerware set. Most pieces of Floragold were mass produced and were reasonably priced, but some items such as the cereal bowls, ice tea tumblers, and vases were sold as extra pieces. These pieces were higher priced originally and not as many customers purchased them for their sets. They are harder to find as a result. Jeannette also experimented with this pattern and produced quite a few items that were never put into the regular line. These pieces include several compotes and a seldom seen butter dish. If you are lucky enough to find one of these rare pieces be prepared to pay a premium.  


Jeannette Floral Poinsetta Rare Vase

Floral - (Poinsettia)-(1931-1935) (Black, Crystal, Custard, Delphite, Jadite, Pink, Red, Yellow) - Floral was named "Poinsettia by collectors before the company name was known, and the name is still used today.  This beautiful floral pattern came in an array of colors. While quite a few items came in Delphite, the only colors that you can complete a set in are pink and green. Floral was one of the larger Depression Era Sets produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Some of the harder to find pieces include the lemonade pitcher, lemonade tumblers,  juice pitcher, flat juice tumblers, vases, and vanity items. Shakers have been reproduced in this pattern, but are of poor quality when compared to the real thing. The good news is that the footed shakers are the only item that have been reproduced.


Harp - (Crystal, Crystal with Gold Trim, Light Blue) - (1950s) - This pattern was dubbed Harp by collectors because of the pretty harp like musical design that decorates each piece.  Harp was used as a small luncheon or serving set.  Pieces include a footed cake stand, cups and saucers, coasters, ashtrays, and a 7" plate. Harp is another 1950s pattern that can be found in the Shell Pink Milk Glass line.  

Jeannette Hex Optic Pitcher

Hex Optic (Honeycomb) - (1928 - 1932) (Green, Pink, Ultramarine, Iridescent) - The Hex Optic design was eye catching and popular among buyers during the 1930s.  As a result, many glass companies made a Hex Optic pattern.  Jeannette put a twist on their designs by incorporating them into a kitchen glassware line with an accompanying luncheon set.  They made a 10” sandwich plate in this pattern so if someone wanted to use the set as a dinnerware pattern it was possible. Some of the kitchen items that can be found in both Pink and Green include an ice bucket with a reamer top, a stacking leftover set, and mixing bowls.  Additional Information


Jeannette Holiday Pitcher

Holiday (Buttons and Bows) - (pink 1947-1949) (Crystal, Iridescent 1947-1975) ( Shell Pink 1958-1959)  - The Jeannette Glass Company produced Holiday and found that it was one of its most popular pink Depression Glass like patterns. It is listed in many  Depression Glass books, but was not introduced until 1947. This lovely pattern is moderately priced. Dinners, cups and saucers, serving pieces, pitchers and flat tumblers are easy to find. Harder to find items include the cake plate, footed tumblers, and large fruit or console bowl.  



Jeannette Child's Homespun Set

Homespun - (Pink, Crystal, and some fired on colors) (1939-1949) - This lovely pattern of vertical lines with tiny vertical ribs is a creation of the Jeannette Glass Company Most pieces of Homespun have a waffle pattern in the bottom. Contrary to what was first believed, all pieces in this pattern do not have the waffle pattern present. Production of Homespun began in 1939.  Jeannette is one of the few companies that produced children's dishes (just like mothers) to go along with their Depression Glass Sets. Homespun has a matching child's set. A pitcher was made to go with the Homespun set. It looks identical to Hazel Atlas's Fine Rib patterned pitcher.  An original catalog reprint confirms that Jeannette did indeed make this pitcher and sold it with the Homespun pattern.


Jeannette Crystal Iris Candy Dish

,Iris - (Crystal-1928-1932, Iridescent-1950s, Multicolored-1970s) - Jeannette started production of Iris in crystal during the Depression years. Later, in the 1950s, iridescent Iris was made. In the 1970's, flashed colors were produced. The iridescent candy bottom was also made during this time period. Quite a few pieces of crystal Iris have been reproduced by A & A Imports. Crystal dinner plates, flat tumblers, footed ice teas, and coasters have been made. At this time other items have not been remade.  Although these items can be told from the originals, it is difficult.  The detail in the glass and the clarity of the glass helps to identify the old from the new.  


Jeannette National Giftware Ad

National Gift Ware  - (Late 1930s -1950s) (Crystal) -

National Gift Ware is a pattern that was introduced in the late 1930's.  We have an original glass ad from a Jeannette catalog from this time period.  National Gift Ware was a heavy vertical ribbed pattern.  Many, but not all of the pieces had tiny ringed circles in the bottom. Because of the heavy nature of the glass, this pattern was durable and not easily damaged. Pieces included a relish, a covered candy, a sugar and creamer, bowls of various sizes, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, trays, a cigarette set, and vases.  This glassware was popular in both homes and eating establishments and remained in the Jeannette line for a good many years.

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Jeannette Pilgrim Catalog Page

Pilgrim (Thumbprint)  - (Late 1930s -1950s) (Ice Blue) (Crystal) (Crystal with Gold Decoration - Jeannette designed and produced  pieces in the Pilgrim pattern in the late 1930s.  Bowls, pitcher and  tumbler sets, stemware, and trays, were offered for sale in this interesting pattern of vertical spaced ovals.  The name "Thumbprint" immediately comes to mind. Almost every large glass company from this time period had their version of a Thumbprint pattern.  In the 1950s Jeannette used the Pilgrim molds in their  Shell Pink Milk Glass line. They renamed the pattern Thumbprint.  A small pitcher and tumbler set, goblets, and sherbets were offered for sale in this pretty color.

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Jeannette Shell Pink Punch Bowl

Shell Pink Milk Glass- (1958 - 1959) - In the late 1950s, pink milk glass became popular. Fostoria, Fenton, and Cambridge all had their versions of this color. The Jeannette Glass Company introduced Shell Pink in 1958 and discontinued this pretty color in 1959. Shell Pink Milk Glass was made in a variety of pieces which included a punch set, pitcher, tumbler, goblet, cookie jar, candlesticks, bowls, compotes, vases, a puff box, cigarette box, relish, snack set, honey jar, cake stand, lazy susan, creamer, sugar and lid, and a footed nut dish. Experimental items have been found which include an ashtray, the deer powder jar, and a large covered duck jar. Most of the pieces were made as accessory items to use alone or together. Jeannette used many different molds and patterns to put together this interesting assortment.

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Jeannette Sierra Butler Brothers Ad

Sierra (Pinwheel) - (1931 - 1933) (Green, Pink, Ultramarine) Sierra is a stylized pattern with sharp edges and vertical lines. The pinwheel scheme is embossed, which creates sharp edges on the surface of the glass.  The effect is beautiful, but due to the numerous uneven edges,  finding pieces of Sierra in undamaged condition is a challenge. The Pink ad Green colors are both popular, although finding green Sierra is a bit more taxing. The only piece of Sierra to have been found in Ultramarine is a cup, so if you are wanting to collect Jeannette's signature color, this pattern would not be for you.  If you are looking for a Deco Depression Era pattern in Pink or Green you will love this one. 




Jeannette Sunburst 1940s Bowl AD

Sunburst - (Late 1930s -1940s ) (Crystal) - Sunburst was made by the Jeannette Glass Company in the late 1930's and 1940's.  Most of the pieces have the same mold shape as the Iris and Herringbone pattern listed above. Because of the similarity in shape, some Iris collectors buy pieces of the Sunburst design to use with their pattern.  The pattern gets its name from the starburst or sunray design that graces each piece.  Sunburst was available as a full service dinnerware set. It could be purchased as a 34 or 44 piece dinner set, or in a smaller luncheon set size.  Accessory pieces such as tumblers, and the bowl and candlesticks were offered for sale individually or in the larger sets.  



Jeannette Green Sunflower Reamer Bottom

Sunflower - (1930s) - (Pink, Green, Delphite, Ultramarine, Experimental Colors) - Sunflower is a fairly large Depression Glass set that was made in the 1930's.  The shapes are very similar to Floral Poinsettia.  The only drawback to collecting this pretty pattern is the lack of serving pieces available.  There is no butter dish, platter, candy, or pitcher. Most people or not aware of the fact that Jeannette's 2 cup measuring cup often came with the Sunflower Motif in the bottom and that it was made to go with the set



JeannetteSwirlUltraCreamSouplgSwirl - (1937- 1938) (Ultramarine, Pink, Delphite) -  Swirl or spiral patterns were popular during the Depression years and most major companies had their own version of a spiral pattern. The  Jeannette Glass Company produced a complete line of dinnerware with the swirl effect and named it aptly, Swirl. There are quite a few pink collectors, but Swirl was most popular in the Ultramarine color. Ultramarine was a deep turquoise blue color that Jeannette was famous for. The Ultramarine color had a tendency to vary in production.  Some pieces are almost a flat deep green color.  There are collectors for the deep rich Ultramarine color, and the more subdued "green."  When you are ordering from the internet you need to be sure that you know what color variation you are receiving.  Most dealers refer to the flat ultramarine color as green.  There are several experimental pieces that have been found in amber and ice blue.  This setting includes many serving pieces as well as a full size dinner plate. Some hard to find pieces are the candy dish, butter dish, and flat ice tea tumbler.


Jeannette Windsor Divided Tray

Windsor (1936-1946) - (Amberina, Crystal, Delphite, Green, Ice blue, Ruby) - Windsor was made by the Jeannette Glass Company. We have listed quite a few colors, but Windsor is commonly found in Crystal, Pink, and Green. You rarely find pieces of the other colors, and finding a complete set of any of them would be virtually impossible. Pink and Green seem to be the most collectible colors, however quite a few collectors look for crystal. Some hard to find items include cream soups, ice tea tumblers, and candlesticks.





Jeannette Glass Kitchenware Patterns and Colors

Delphite Ribbed Tea Canister

Delphite Jeannette (1930s - 40s)Jeannette made one of the largest lines of Delphite kitchenware during the depression years. The opaque blue color is stunning and captures the interest of people today as much as it did when it was made.  Several different syle canisters were made. A complete line of useful kitchen items such as reamers, leftover jars, and shakers were made to go with both canister styles. Cherry Blossom and Swirl, two of Jeannette's full service dinnerware sets were available in delphite.  Your entire kitchen area could be decorated in the Jeannette's beautiful Delphite color. The McKee Glass company also had a large line of Delphite kitchenware.  Today collectors mix McKee and Jeannette together to create a truly awesome collection.  Jeannette Delphite Kitchen Items




Jeannette Green Embossed Salt Box

Green Transparent (Jeannette) (1930s) -The Jeannette Glass Company, made a large line of kitchenware in a pretty transparent green to match their Depression Glass dinnerware sets. Hex Optic which is a Jeannette luncheon set had an accompanying grouping of kitchen items to match in both green and pink.  Jeannette made kitchen ware pitchers, measuring cups, leftovers, covered salt and butter boxes, mugs, reamers, sugar shakers, ice buckets, and mixing bowls. They even made a leftover set with their famous Floral Poinsettia pattern embossed on the inside of the lid. Jeannette's green kitchenware was made to be used not only with Jeannette's Depression Glass sets, but also with any of their major competition's sets as well. The stylish designs insured that their products would be popular and appeal to many home shoppers. As a result, today it is still possible to add this pretty kitchenware to your kitchen decor.


Jeannette Jadite Floral Canister

Jadite Jeannette - (1930s) - Jeannette's Jadite, (sometimes spelled Jade-ite by other companies) came in two shades.  A dark jadite and a lighter one.  Jeannette's jadite colors were among the prettiest Jadite produced during the 1930's. Jeannette's Jadite Kitchenware line was one of the largest lines of jadite produced.  There were more pieces made in Jeannette's Jadite line than there were in their Delphite line.  The Jadite kitchenware had three different styles of canisters.  Many accompanying pieces were made to go with these canisters. A complete list of the pieces can be found on our other Jadite pages.  Many collectors of Jeannette's Jadite combine it with McKee's jadite kitchen items.  




Jeannette Pale Yellow Sugar Shaker

Light Jade/Yellow (Jeannette) - (1930s) Most of the major Depression Era Companies had their version of yellow milk glass. The Jeannette Glass Company may have attempted to produce this color with their light jade (nearly yellow) paneled sugar shaker. Since this is the only light yellow piece that Jeannette made, it just may have been an occasional fluke in the composition of the glass used that day. However, other jade items are not found in this color which leads one to believe that the light yellowish color was intentional.  If so, it must not have created much interest among customers and Jeannette decided not to make other items in this color.




Jeannette Jenny Ware Bowl Set

Jenny Ware (Jeannette) - (1930s) (Crystal, Pink, Ultramarine) - Jeannette produced a very large line of kitchenware in a attractive patten called Jenny Ware.  This pretty ribbed pattern was made in crystal, pink, and ultramarine in the 1930s. The ultramarine color was designed to go with Jeannette's Ultramarine Depression Glass patterns. Pieces in this kitchenware pattern include a pitcher, tumblers, mixing bowls, round and rectangular leftovers, a butter, a reamer, and a four piece tab-handled measuring cup set. This is one of the nicest collections of transparent patterned kitchenware ever made. Jeannette was the only company to make an Ultramarine colored collection of kitchenware.



Jeannette Pink Salt Box

Pink Kitchen Glassware - (1930s) - Jeannette made many Pink Depression Era kitchen items.  They were an innovative company and added patterns to many of their kitchenware shapes. Most pink kitchenware will be found with a pattern.  Jenny Ware and Hex Optic patterns were very popular and sold well in the pink color.  Plain (non-patterned) kitchenware was made to use with the patterned kitchenware or with any Depression Era pattern.