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The Cambridge Glass Company produced some the finest and most sought after hand made Elegant Glassware from 1901 until 1958. Cambridge made many of the etched patterns that are still popular today such as Rose Point, Wildflower, Chantilly, Cleo, Apple Blossom, and dozens more not listed.. They were famous for their colors as well, as their beautiful etchings. Some of the colors in the Cambridge listings include Ebony, Azurite, Helio, Primrose Yellow, Amber , Ivory, Jade, Peach-Blo, Rubina, Cobalt, Emerald, Gold Krystol, Carmen and many more. Cambridge produced many beautiful shapes in their array of colors and patterns. It is no wonder the company realized such a huge success. One of Cambridge's most popular colored patterns was Caprice. This pattern was produced in many of the transparent colors including LaRosa (pink), and Moonlight Blue. There were over 200 different pieces of Caprice available. The pattern was featured in Ladies Home Journal, House and Garden and many other publications. As a result, it was one of the top selling Depression Era patterns. This Ohio factory was located in Cambridge, Ohio and was one of the largest producers of hand made glassware from the Depression Era into the early 50s.

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