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Jeannette Glass Company

The Jeannette Glass Company

Jeannette Homespun Childs SetJeannette Iris Dinner PlateJeannette Floral Poinsetta Rare VaseJeannette Shell Pink Cookie

The Jeannette Bottle Works Company was established in 1887, in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. In 1898 the Jeannette Bottle Works company was succeeded by the Jeannette Glass Company and got its start producing hand made bottles. With the advent of the O’Neill semi-automatic bottle blowing machine in 1899, Jeannette soon found itself producing wide mouth jars, relishes and other useful pressed glass items like automobile headlamp lenses. By 1904, the company was involved in producing items for medical and home use. Jeannette continued to grow and expand and by 1924, they began producing the lovely tableware we call Depression Glass today. This innovative company was one of the forerunners in producing machine made, colored pressed glassware. Many of the Depression Glass patterns that we know and love today were produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Some of the more popular patterns produced were Adam, Anniversary, Cherry Blossom, Doric, Doric and Pansy, Floral Poinsettia, Floragold, and Iris. Jeannette established its hold on the kitchen item market early in the Depression Era, designing and producing many kitchen items in pink, green, crystal, and ultramarine. They were one of the major producers of Jadite and Delphite Glassware. Many of the most desirable Depression Glass kitchen items were made by The Jeannette Glass Company. In 1961 Jeannette bought the old McKee plant which was located in Jeannette, PA. The company continued to produce glassware for both wholesale and retail businesses, until 1983, when they closed their doors.

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