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Hocking / Anchor Hocking

Hocking / Anchor Hocking

 The Hocking / Anchor Hocking Glass Company - The Hocking (later Anchor Hocking) Glass Company was located in Lancaster, Ohio. By the 1920s, the company had grown and realized the need to apply new machine technology to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their products. By 1928, the first green machine -made pressed pattern (Depression Glass) was produced. Hocking's most popular Depression Glass patterns were Mayfair, Miss America, Cameo, Old Colony (Lace Edge), and Block Optic. They also produced an extensive line of Depression Era kitchenware. Most of their kitchen items were produced in clear green or crystal. Later, heat resistant Fireking glassware became a hot seller. In1937, Hocking merged with Anchor Cap and Closure Corporation and became the leader in selling both machine-made glassware and bottles. Hocking acquired and managed quite a few other glass companies. Among them were the Lancaster Glass Company, the Standard Glass Company, and the General Glass Corporation. In 1937 The Hocking Glass Company and the Anchor Cap Corporation merged their operations. After the merger these companies became known as the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. Anchor Hocking has continued to produce glass retail and specialty products and is still in business today.

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