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Hazel Atlas

 Hazel Atlas Company PictureHazel Atlas Glass Company -The Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was established in 1902, through the merger of two Washington, Pennsylvania container manufacturing firms. These two companies were the Hazel Glass Company and the Atlas Glass and Metal Company. Main offices for the new firm were established in Wheeling, West Virginia. The new company was very successful and expanded quickly. Modern glass manufacturing plants were built in several nearby cities. Most of the early production concentrated on the container market. Later, as automation revolutionized the dinnerware segment of glassware production, the plant in Clarksburg, West Virginia specialized in pressed housewares. It produced much of the machine-made mold-etched colored Depression Era patterns produced by this company. This plant also made many of the colored and milk glass tumblers made during the late 1920's and early 1930's. The company was sold to Continental Can in 1956. Glass was sold under the Hazelware label for a few years while the company was under Continental Can ownership. In 1964, Brockway Glass Company bought the operation.

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