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The Mantle Lamp Company was established in 1908 in Chicago, Illinois. At this time they were producing mantles and brass bases. Pretty colored glass bases were made to hold their "champion kerosene-burners". Aladdin continued to produce and sell their burners this way until 1932, when they began making electric lamps. In the 1930s and 40s the kerosene lamps were still the major seller, but as times changed and electricity became more available Aladdin electric lamps became one of the most popular forms of lighting. Today both the early kerosene lamps and the electric lamps are sought avidly by collectors. The electric lamps are the most popular, with the figural ladies being the most desirable of all the lamps that Aladdin produced. The beautiful electric lamps we collect today were made in Alexandria, Indiana. This portion of the Mantle Lamp company was acquired in 1926 when Mantle purchased a glass factory at this location. Aladdin made their oil lamps in many popular colors such as transparent amber, blue, green, ruby, and cobalt blue. Lamps were also made in a translucent to opaque color called Moonstone. Moonstone colors include green, jade, rose, flesh, peach, yellow, and white. The moonstone color lamps were often mixed with black glass bases. Many of the oil lamps are found in a translucent color with a luminance or fire called Alacite. This color was introduced in 1938 and was the most common color used in the production of electric lamps and accessory items such as ashtrays and vases. Electric lamps in colors other then alacite are usually more difficult to come by. In 1949 The Mantle Lamp Company changed its name to Aladdin Industries and moved its operation to Nashville, Tennessee. In 1999 a group of Aladdin Knights (collectors of Aladdin Lamps) purchased the Lamp Division of Aladdin from Aladdin Industries LLC.

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