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Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge

Southern Potteries Incorporated was established in Erwin Tennessee on April 8th, 1920. After a few years of moderately successful production the company was purchased from E.J. and Ted Owens by Charles W. Foreman who hired George F. Brandt as the Southern Potteries plant manager. Under Mr. Forman's capable hands the company was revolutionized and the technique of hand painting under the glaze was incorporated into their dinnerware lines. Local girls and women were trained to hand paint the colorful pottery and by 1938 Southern Potteries had established ornately hand painted dinnerware lines. The success of the industry was partly due to World War II because all imports were cut off and the demand for reasonable pretty dinnerware patterns produced in the United States increased. From 1940 until the early 1950s the company thrived.The Southern Potteries Company continued to produce pottery into the late 1950s. In 1957 due to declining popularity of hand decorated pottery the plant stockholders voted to close the plant. Many of the Southern Pottery molds were sold to Ray and Pauline Cash (Founders of the Clinchfield Artware Pottery Company). Clinchfield Artware Pottery became Cash Family Pottery in the 1950's. Production at the Cash Family operation continued through the mid 1980's.

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