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Tiffin / United States Glass Vanity Items

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Tiffin / U S Glass Vanity Items

     When it comes to vanity items made from the mid 1920's through the Depression Era, Tiffin / U S Glass made some of the finest pieces. These companies designed and made quite a few interesting perfume bottles and vanity sets. Below are some of the many of the vanity items that Tiffin produced. 

Tiffin Dancing Lady Vanity Set

Tiffin Dancing Lady (1925- 1936) (Blue Satin, Blue Transparent, Green Satin, Green Transparent, Pink Satin, Pink Transparent, Ultramarine Transparent, Crystal Satin, Vaseline Transparent)


Tiffin Dancing Girl Vanity Set Tray

Tiffin Dancing Girl Vanity Set in Green Satin with Green Tray

     The Tiffin factory of the U. S. Glass Company produced this "Dancing Girl" powder jar and vanity set. The powder jar and vanity set may be found in both satin and transparent colors. The U.S. Glass powder jars were produced between 1925 and 1936 and were sometimes sold as part of a dresser set, that included two perfumes, a powder jar, and a matching tray. Colors made included blue satin, blue transparent, green satin, green transparent, pink satin, pink transparent, Vaseline transparent, and crystal satin. We have seen a crystal satin perfume bottle and tray, but have never seen a crystal satin powder jar to go with the set. Note the tray that went with the set.  These trays were also embossed with dancing figures

Tiffin Dancing Lady Green Satin Powder Jar



Tiffin Dancing Lady Powder Jar

     The Tiffin factory of the U. S. Glass Company produced this "Dancing Girl" powder jar. It was often sold as a stand alone piece and not as part of  a vanity set.  It is similar to the "Curtsy" powder jar which was made around the same time for a cosmetic company. 

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Tiffin Milady / Spiral Optic Vanity Set

(Amber, Amber Satin Black, Black Satin, Blue, Blue Satin Light Blue, Light Blue Satin, Sky Blue, Sky Blue Satin, Canary, Canary Satin, Tiffin #15531 Milady / Spiral Optic Vanity SetCrystal, Green, Green Satin, Emerald Green, Emerald Green Satin, Pink, Pink Satin, Ivory, Opal (white milk glass)

     The #15441 Spiral Optic Vanity Set was introduced circa 1925. A Crockery and Glass Journal ad from this time period states that the set was available in amber, blue, green, and canary.  This set has been found in all of these colors and all of the additional colors listed above.  The perfumes set was sold with and without a matching tray.  I believe that the #15441 style was made for a long period of time because this is the Milady set that is most often found. 

    In 1926 the vanity tray was redesigned.  This version of the tray had an attached powder bottom and two circular rings that the perfume bottles rested in.  The number of the vanity  set with the new tray was #8851.  Trays have also been found with the two circular rings for the perfume bottles and a unattached powder box.  

Tiffin Black Satin Vanity Set Tray with  Inserts for perfume bottles.

Tiffin #15531 Milady / Spiral Optic Vanity Set

 At some point the powder box was  re-designed. An insert was added to the powder jar that was made to hold rouge and lipstick.   Stacking powder jars are most often seen with the ringed trays, but have also been found with decorated sets that have the original tray without the rings. Tiffin is well known for their use of color and their innovative designs.  It is no surprise to find this vanity set was offered in so many different variations.  To see more on the Tiffin Milady sets please use this link. Tiffin 15531 MiladySpiral Optic Vanity Set